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Top 9 Time-Wasters

Time is the most valuable thing in our lives, yet we tend to waste it on unnecessary activities that stop us from being more productive, successful or just happier in general. In this post, I have a list of the 9 biggest time wasters I can think of.


Weekend Snapshot

My weekends are usually busy. Whether it’s because I spend it with my daughter or because I’m kid-free and I organize programs for me, I’m never bored. This weekend was a long weekend because of November 1st.


4 Mean Comments I Have Received As A Single Mom

I have been raising my daughter for over a year and people aren’t always supportive. Especially here in Hungary, people tend to criticize you instead of supporting you when you’re going through a difficult period. In this post, I have collected the nastiest things people have said to me since I became a single mom.