I think this is the saddest story of a haunting I’ve ever read in Hungarian history, probably because of the name of the place.Some people say that the name Sirok comes from the Hungarian word sírok, meaning ‘I cry’. You will soon learn why there’s a link between the two.

The castle of Sirok was inherited by a woman named Gizella from her father. After his father’s death, she vowed to never smile or be happy again.

However, one day, seven soldiers stopped to spend the night in the castle and Gizella fell in love with one of them. As all of the soldiers set an eye on Gizella, they started a duel thinking that Gizella would choose the winner. Gizella’s love died in the fight.

The desperate woman killed the winning soldier and committed suicide: she jumped off the tallest bastion. Since then, Gizella’s spirit has been seen throwing herself from the castle into the deep every day at sunset. Legend has it, that she is followed by all the seven soldiers. People have seen a white shadow jump off the bastion, followed by seven other ones.