I have gone through a rough period and learned from it that a simple life is a happy life.

The past two years have brought major changes in my life and I’ve had my ups and downs, so I realised that in order to increase my resilience to stress, I need to cut everything unnecessary out of my life. It was time-consuming and sometimes inconvenient, but it was well worth it. So how should you simplify your life? Here are my tips.

Declutter your space

A spiritual friend of mine who also teaches Reiki often says that by owning less stuff, you allow creative energy to flow more freely in your living space. My declutter frenzy started when my now ex-husband left me with my then 3-year-old daughter. What help me start my declutter journey was a series of events. When he admitted his affair with a much younger woman, my rose quartz pendant broke into three pieces. My favourite mug that I got from him, broke into two while I was washing it. It simply broke into two, the mug in my left hand, and the handle in my right. Lightbulbs started to break down, and I experienced a series of power outages, so I had to call an electrician. After that, I decided to get rid of his stuff. Then I went to get rid of old nail polishes, pens, notebooks, kitchen items, clothes and I gave some of my daughter’s no longer used toys for charity. What a difference it made!


Digital detox

Just like I got rid of the energy of unnecessary items, I went through my friends on social media and unfollowed, deleted or even blocked half of them. Anyone who had hurt me, posted hateful thoughts against others, or felt bad about them having a glimpse into my everyday life was out. I only want to interact with people who really add value to my life. I also unscribed from any newsletter I no longer needed, so now I have fewer emails waiting to be read in my mailbox on a daily basis.


Changes at work

I’m self-employed, so I can decide who I work for and how much. To simplify my life, I went from working 4 days a week to only 1 for a certain business partner of mine. The administrative process is difficult, there are too many extra activities besides the actual work and the head of the partner company is… well, weird. As they paid me well, I didn’t want to cut all ties, but I reduced my engagement with them.


Changes in relationships

The saddest aspect of the process – or so it seemed – was losing friends along the way. Like I did online, I cut contact with people who no longer contributed to my mental well-being or who had turned away from me when I needed help. I’m no longer a people pleaser and I call me selfish, but I’m only willing to care about people who care about me.


Time management

Are you involved in too many activities? Do you struggle with time management? Think about a typical day or week carefully and be honest with yourself. There might be something that you can’t really squeeze into your schedule. I was guilty of this, I admit. Maybe it’s time to give up some hobby or activity to simplify your life.


How busy is your life? Have you tried to simplify it? Share your experience in the comments section.


(image: Rebirth photo created by bearfotos – www.freepik.com)