I think nothing can be as important for your mental health as loving yourself and loving yourself first. Would you like to know my top 10 self-love ideas? Keep on reading.

You spend the most time with yourself, so having a good relationship with yourself and taking care of your mental and physical health should always be a priority, no matter how busy you are. Let’s see how you can perform self-love.

1. Make a list of your inner values

Two years ago, I did a two-day mini-course led by a coach friend of mine. On the first day, I had to sit down with a notebook and made a list of my inner values. By the time I finished my list, I had felt a lot more confident. Why? Because it made me realize how valuable I am.

2. Surround yourself with positive people

Being around positive people helps you maintain a positive mindset. Nobody wants to be around pessimists and naysayers. Simple, isn’t it?

3. Positive affirmations

I have two pages of positive affirmations in my bullet journal. I got some of them at the two-day course I’ve mentioned above, some of them are Pinterest finds. It feels empowering to read them whenever I feel a bit down.

4. Treat yourself

Be it some snack or something you have wanted to buy for a long time, reward yourself every now and then.

5. Do something for yourself

Have a day or half a day off, go on a solo date, have a break throughout the day, go outdoors and take some deep breaths – but most importantly, be kind to yourself.

6. Relax

If you find time to relax and make sure you have enough sleep, your mind and body will be thankful. You can’t be productive if you’re tired and you will see the darker side of life and be more likely to suffer from depression if you are sleep deprived.

7. Clean your space

Though cleaning might not sound like a fun activity, doing some speed cleaning or decluttering every once in a while can make a huge difference as far as your mood is concerned. It feels a lot better to work or relax in a clean environment, doesn’t it? In addition, being in a hygienic, tidy and clutter-free space helps productive and creative energies flow more freely.

8. Say ‘no’

It’s not that you should say no all the time, just make sure you know your limits and create boundaries. Learn to say no before you take on too much. You might feel that you hurt the other person when you reject them but remember: nothing should be more important than your own mental and physical health.

9. Don’t compare yourself to others

I was guilty of this until about two years ago. I can’t express how much damage I kept doing to myself and I needed a very intensive 4-month-long therapy to learn that I’m unique, valuable the way I am, and comparing myself just makes no sense. There are women out there who are younger, smarter, richer, more successful, etc. but it shouldn’t define how I see myself.

10. Smile

Smiling can instantly put you in a better mood. I found that looking in the mirror in the morning before starting work and smiling at myself makes a huge difference. Try it and tell me about your experience in the comments down below.

Do you have any self-love ideas that weren’t mentioned in this post? Leave a comment and share them with me.