I did two tarot readings for myself in late December but life has been crazy, so I had to take a break from blogging. Now here is my tarot guidance spread for 2022.

I asked 12 questions for this spread. What were the questions? What were the answers? Did it work?

1. The previous year in summary:

The Knight of Swords flew out of the deck in an upright position. It means a history of working to the numbers and being clear-cut. There is a growing need for change. A certain tension in my life is unsustainable and others are holding me back.

Yes, this is totally true. I have found certain things, ways unsustainable. I have some major plans for 2022 but my family members are holding me back. It’s only the end of January and I have already had a fight with everyone: family members, lawyer, and so on. I know how I want to change my life but people are trying to hold me back. They haven’t managed to – so far.

2. Lessons learned from the past year:

Four of Cups (upright): “Not now but maybe later”. I have to check in emotionally  and spiritually before saying yes to anything. I also have to focus on what’s going on in me.

Totally true. The waiting game is on.

3. Aspirations for the next 12 months:

Ace of Swords (reversed): I have to stay vigilant and protect something – an idea, project, belief – that is just getting its start.

Yes. True.

4. What empowers me in reaching my aspirations:

Ten of Wands (reversed): I have to find emotional support and/or delegate certain tasks.

Well, being a single mother, I can’t really delegate anything. However, I could definitely use some emotional support.

5. What may stand in the way of reaching my aspirations:

Five of Cups (reversed): I have to see setbacks as hidden opportunities.

A huge lesson of 2021 was to learn that a setback isn’t necessarily a failure and one can learn from having to take one step back.

6. My relationships and emotions in the coming year:

Page of Swords (upright): In 2022, I will be restless, vigilant, ambitious and I will have money-making ideas as well. Intellectual relationships and lack of emotional intimacy are on the horizon.

I’m already feeling restless, my mind is full of money-making ideas (mini project kind of things) and yes, unfortunately, I don’t feel open emotionally.

7. My career, work and finances:

Nine of Swords (upright): I will worry about finances and I am likely to experience stress from work.

To be honest, work doesn’t really stress me. I have an ongoing project though – the one I have to protect, see above – and it stresses me out so much that I haven’t had any relaxing sleep for two weeks.

8. My health and well-being:

The Magician (upright): There will be a significant change regarding my health soon and I should try alternative therapies.

I don’t know. I hope it will be a positive change.

9. My spiritual energy and fulfilment:

King of Cups (upright): I will have to balance my emotional and practical needs, be fully in charge of my feelings and use head over the heart in love. The King of Cups also indicates creativity.

The project I’m working on definitely requires creativity. The project itself is a very practical one and if you remember, above I mentioned that I will need to find emotional support, so yes, this card is a hit.

10. What I most need to focus on in 2022:

Lovers (upright): I will have to make choices about love and/or career. It also indicates a strong bond either emotionally or career-wise. This card also tells me to consider long-term interests in both areas of life.

For love, it’s definitely true.

11. My most important lesson for 2022:

Judgement (upright): I have to follow my higher calling, allow myself to grow, transform and release my hidden potential within myself. I also have to refuse to be manipulated.

12. Where am I headed in the next 12 months?

Six of Cups (upright) – Healing, learning career lessons, not repeating past mistakes.

I will update you on the last two questions.

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