2021 was a rollercoaster for me. As I’m sitting here alone in the silence of my office, I’m trying to put the events of the year on a scale.

Let’s start with the lows because I would like to finish this post with positive feelings.

The first low of the year was in February. Due to external factors that I wouldn’t like to mention here, I had to delete my blog and YouTube channel. We are talking about seven years of work. I lost my hobby and the community I had belonged to. My daughter had a very difficult period around this time, so I took her to a therapist who specializes in the children of divorced parents and I got some great advice to follow.

Another low happened in the early summer when I got fed up with dating after connecting guys who weren’t over their exes, looking for a cleaning lady (not a real girlfriend) or friends with benefits. I will get back to this period later.

In October, I had to work on a Plan B regarding housing. The original plan was for me to pay off my ex’s share of our house and we would stay here. Events took a different turn, though and for weeks, I had to plan to move out and where to move. That was the lowest low of the year.

Let’s see the highs.

Last year, I started a website where I share language learning tips, tricks, materials, etc. for people who want to learn English. It had been dormant as my ex told me it was a stupid idea. In April, I felt the urge to get back to developing that website and people seem to like it. I even added YouTube channel in the mix in May.

This year, I learned to enjoy dating. I got into so much that in May, on a first date, the guy told me that I didn’t show any sign of first-date awkwardness and even he started to feel relaxed in my company after a few minutes. Despite the negative experiences I mentioned above, I learnt a lot about myself and men. I have also learnt how to stand up for who I am, my values, beliefs, dreams and plans.

In August, my husband made an attempt to come home. It was his third attempt and he was promising everything you can imagine but I wasn’t buying it. I asked him to go back to his girlfriend and leave me alone. Also in August, I met my boyfriend. It started off as physical attraction and we didn’t know if we wanted a relationship because I’m financially stable, careful with my spending, have plans for the future, etc., while he spends all the money he has and just goes with the flow, so it might not be the best match but we started dating in September. I don’t know where it leads but not I’m just enjoying it as it is.

In October, I decided to get back to blogging and set up a new blog. New Blogger account, new e-mail address, new social media platforms, new everything.

I started learning about tarot in February or March I have been doing readings for myself since then. What’s the high about it? I’m now doing readings for others as well and I’m super proud of myself.

I have great plans 2022. Not dreams, plans! I’m looking forward to the new year. What was 2021 like for you?

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