My weekends are usually busy. Whether it’s because I spend it with my daughter or because I’m kid-free and I organize programs for me, I’m never bored. This weekend was a long weekend because of November 1st.

On Thursday I did some cooking, so I ate the leftovers on Friday. The menu was butternut squash and red lentil soup, and some autumn salad with spinach, mandarin oranges, pomegranate seeds, Danish cheese and vinaigrette.

I spent the day teaching and doing some end-of-the-month administration. In the afternoon I attended the annual celebration of the language school where I teach part-time, then I drove to my parents’ place to pick up my daughter. Despite my terrible migraine, I decided to stop at Tesco to do some shopping for the weekend. My daughter wanted to look around to have some gift ideas for Christmas, so we invaded the toy aisle.

I found this spiral-shaped jigsaw puzzle with a horoscope image and I fell in love immediately! I’m really into horoscopes and tarot recently, I even have some tarot and oracle decks, so this puzzle would be the perfect gift for me. I might surprise myself with it.

November 1st is a bank holiday here in Hungary. It is called All Souls’ Day and people usually go to cemeteries, light candles around the gravestones and commemorate their deceased loved ones. I hate going to cemeteries. Before my daughter was born, I used to go to Kazincbarcika (about 100 km from where I live) to visit my grandmother and uncle’s grave. Nowadays, I’m unable to do that. I just can’t stand being in a cemetery – I might write about the reasons in another post.

Halloween isn’t officially celebrated here, though more and more shops sell Halloween-related items around this time of the year. A lot of people carve pumpkins but kids don’t dress up and go trick or treating. My daughter and I like to do Halloween DIY or print some Halloween colouring pages and have fun colouring them.

This year we baked some Pan de Muertos and made a tassel ghost. I just wasn’t in the mood for carving a pumpkin.

Later in the afternoon, my daughter wanted to do some colouring, which put me in a creative mood, so while she was colouring, I did my nails – Halloween style, of course. On four of my fingers, I used the P2 Volume Gloss gel look polish in the shade 570 orchid enthusiast, and on my pinky, I applied shade No. 35 from the Moyra Classic nail polish collection. I also some black Moyra glitter powder on my pinky but it was quite a disappointment. It matted down and I can hardly see the sparkles. I did a jack-o-lantern pattern from the Moyra Fall stamping plate using some silver stamping polish also from Moyra (how surprising… no, this post isn’t sponsored, I just love the brand).
The dog in the background is our dog, Kifli.

I thought it was time for some fall table decoration, so my daughter and I made a simple one. The plate and the tealight holder came in a kit at Lidl, the cute hedgehog candles are also from Lidl and the pine cone and acorns are from the city forest. It’s not the fanciest but we love it.

Today is November 1st and everything is closed except for petrol stations. My ex has already been here to pick up our daughter, so she’s spending the day and the night at his place.
I’m having a break now but my next lesson starts soon (well, somebody does work today… I have some determined students who come to online classes even on public holidays) and I’m teaching until 1 p.m. I’m expecting a friend to come over, we’re planning to cook together and watch a movie. I work six days a week to support my daughter and myself, so I’m dead tired. I definitely deserve some chill time. Being a single mom doesn’t mean I have to torture myself.

How was your weekend?