I am the tired but happy mom to four fur babies: a dog and three cats. If you want to know more about them, keep on reading.

The oldest one in the family is our dog Kifli (it’s a Hungarian word, meaning ‘crescent’ – yep, the curved pastry you buy at the bakery for breakfast). He’s a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles spaniel. He used to be extremely problematic when he was younger, but a year of intensive dog training helped a lot. He’s 8 years old and snores like hell but we couldn’t imagine our life without him.

Mini is our 7-year-old cat. We found her at a car park one October evening. She was skin and bones and we didn’t really think she would survive. She did. We call her Mini because she weighs less than 3 kilos. Our vet told us that cats who were undernourished as kittens are unlikely to grow into a “full-size” cat. She’s very fragile and has the softest fur I have ever seen. She has lynx-ears, meaning that she has tiny tufts on her ears. She’s the kindest, most grateful cat I have ever had.

On the left, you can see Mini the day we found her and Mini three months later.

Kópé (Hungarian word meaning ‘prankster’) is our grey tabby cat. A friend of a friend of ours found him in the middle of nowhere between two villages one October day when she was only one month old. She posted his photo on Facebook as she couldn’t keep him, so I decided to adopt him. My daughter and I took care of him, while Mini socialized and litter-trained him. My daughter’s father wasn’t keen on having him in the family, so Kópé hates men. I mean, men in general. Yep, it sucks. Kópé is a superstar on Facebook as people like the close-ups I took of him due to his crossed eyes.

Pajti (Hungarian word meaning ‘buddy’) is the new addition to the family. He was crying in front of our house about two weeks ago. I know. Apparently, October is the month I attract stray cats like a magnet. He was thin and hungry, but I had a weird feeling that I had seen him somewhere before. I posted his photo on Facebook and our rear neighbour recognized him. She told me that baby #3 is on the way, she doesn’t want to deal with a kitten while being pregnant, the cat was her daughters’ (3 and 1.5) anyway, but they don’t take care of him or play with him. As he’s bored, he has turned into a real trouble-maker and they were planning to rehome him that weekend. I had three days to decide whether to provide the 3-4-month-old kitten with a new home or let him move. My daughter fell in love with him, so there were no questions left: we kept him. Mini and Kópé are indoor cats because they are scared of everything (no wonder, if you think about their kittenhood), but Pajti spends the day in the backyard and comes in for the night.

Guess who’s the happiest cat in the world. Feel free to call me the crazy cat lady.