Yes! My favourite season is here at last. Why do I love it? Keep on reading…

1. The temperature


Believe it or not, I love cold weather. I live in Hungary where we have four seasons. The summer is a three-month period of suffering for me, especially in July and August when it can be as warm as 35 degrees Celsius. I have always hated it when the temperature was above 25 degrees Celsius, so you can imagine how I feel during a heatwave: sweating, sleepless nights, lack of concentration, you name it. In the summer, I usually teach during the day and do the hard mental work (translation) at night when the air is cooler and I can be more focused.

Here in the fall, the average temperature is 10.33 degrees Celsius (I googled it) which is pretty cold and the clothes don’t dry that fast when I hang them on the terrace, but for me, it’s more comfortable to put on a sweater than to sweat all day long, not knowing how to cool myself.

In addition, nothing feels cosier than snuggling up under a warm blanket with a bowl of popcorn or a cup of tea in front of the TV.

2. The colours

I think what everybody loves about fall is the colour palette. The warm browns, reds and oranges remind me of the colour of the fire in the fireplace in my parents’ house.

3. The mood in general

Foggy mornings, rainy days – these are definitely my things. We don’t officially celebrate Halloween in Hungary, however, you can get some costumes and Halloween-themed candy and other snacks in shops. Though it’s not an official thing here, I love making Halloween decorations and carving pumpkins.

4. Fewer insects

I hate insects with a passion. I’m even allergic to some of them, so having fewer of them around the house is definitely a positive aspect of the season.

5. A season of birthdays

Being a Sagittarius, my birthday is in late November. Fun fact, my dad’s birthday is in early November and my daughter was born at the end of November, as well. Our birthdays are three days apart, so we have a joint birthday party every year.

6. Fall food

Oh, there’s no word to describe how much I love fall food! I’m addicted to cinnamon and apples. Although I’m not a soup-lover, the cold weather makes me cook more of it to keep me warm. This time of the year, I tend to try more recipes. Who wants to stand next to the stove in the heatwave? On chilly days, it’s a great pastime, though.